Black Friday is coming, and it presents an opportunity for businesses to significantly increase sales. However, this retail holiday is very competitive, especially for ecommerce marketing. With every other business competing for consumers’ dollars, standing out has become an extraordinary challenge. If you want to make the most of Black Friday for your business, try some of these helpful marketing tips.

What Is Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, has skyrocketed into an immensely popular day for holiday shopping. Retailers offer deep discounts on their products, and shoppers flood to stores to buy gifts for loved ones and themselves.

The most famous aspect of Black Friday happens in brick and mortar stores. However, many consumers are eager to shop online to avoid some of the crowds and craziness. This presents a significant opportunity for ecommerce businesses. The big question is how to cut through the noise of Black Friday to get your brand noticed.

1) Compelling Offers

Perhaps the most important rule for ecommerce marketing is that the deals need to be compelling. A 15% discount on a few items isn’t going to cut it. People are looking to save serious money on Black Friday. If you aren’t offering them substantial discounts, they will simply take their business elsewhere.

One source found that the average discount amount on Black Friday 2018 was 49.6%. While not everything needs to be discounted so deeply, if your catalog isn’t in that ballpark, you are unlikely to experience a major increase in sales on the retail holiday.

2) Gift Guide

Black Friday’s proximity to the gift-giving season makes it a popular choice for holiday shopping. One of the most common challenges when buying gifts is coming up with unique ideas. A gift guide can help you turn a website visitor into a customer.

The most effective gift guides tend to have categorized suggestions. Some simple examples of this are “Gifts for Men” and “Gifts for Kids.” Consider trying to guide people toward buying multiple, complementary items. Create tagged categories on your ecommerce site or write a blog post with helpful tips.

3) Flash Sales

A challenge with Black Friday is the depth of discounts and the overall craziness. It can be difficult to offer huge discounts on your catalog all day long. Additionally, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to keep people looking at your site.

Create a sense of urgency while also mitigating the discounts you need to offer by running flash sales. These should be even more significant sales than the general Black Friday trend. However, they can bring in serious numbers. A good flash sale that catches traction on social media and sale-tracking sites can bring a flood of customers to your website.

4) Take It To the Real World

Some brands use pop-up shops to get in on the foot traffic of Black Friday. Obviously, this isn’t a small investment. To be effective, your pop-up needs to be in a high-traffic area. That real estate isn’t going to be easy to find and rent. However, the financial returns can be massive. For example, a pop-up booth with a single, high-interest item can get people excited about your brand.

With Cyber Monday occurring only a few days later, a little in-person marketing can be a great investment. There is no other day in the year that sees so many active shoppers in retail areas at once. Simply growing your brand visibility can make investing in a pop-up worthwhile.

5) Gifts With Purchases

In the holiday shopping spirit, consider giving away free items with every purchase. There are few sales as exciting as a free item. For example, if you sell beauty products, consider giving away free sampler kits. These companion gifts can turn an otherwise less-than-exciting discount into a major hit.

These bonuses also motivate multiple purchases and reduce the likelihood of shopping around. This is a beneficial characteristic if you sell commodity products that are also sold elsewhere.

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